What I do Best.

Relaxed Environment

Be sure to feel accepted and understood. I will lend you a listening ear and adapt the conversations to fit your interests and needs.

Personalized Guidance

Nothing better than to be guided in a way that fits your goals. I will walk with you step-by-step, assess your proficiency level, and give you honest constructive feedback on your progress.

Accent Improvement

Improving your English accent opens doors to career opportunities and ultimately brings the confidence you need to succeed.

fall in love with the tools


Creative Resources

From TED Talks to fun conversations about real life experiences, to eye popping National Geographic material. They will all strech your learning experience.

Skype Live Calls

A familiar service that will be useful to you in a very unique way. Phones, tablets or computers are all possible, as long as you make use of Skype. However, the use of a computer is recommended.


Off2Class.com is a reliable platform full of in-depth tools. They will be extremely valuable during class to assess and guide your progress. My main goal is your success!

Quality Sessions

Poor Video & Audio quality could ruin your lesson. Not with me! I make sure my students get HD Premium Video and Professional Sound.

Amazing Community

Become a part of a supportive community where you can share your experience, learn from others and ask questions. Besides that, a great place to witness occasional free live sessions.

Easy Bookings

Calendly is a flexible service that matches your schedule with Becky's.

Teaching hours

My availability is flexible but overall, I can speak to you: MONDAY – FRIDAY : 10am – 2pm (WEST timezone, Lisbon). Should you want classes in the weekend, contact me and we can arrange something.

Secure Payments

We make use of the Paypal platform for international students – (Debit and Credit cards accepted). For applicants in Europe, a bank transfer could be made (contact us for more details).

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