English with Becky

~ Improving Your English as We Speak ~

Becky Chaveiro

Has more than 30 countries stamped on her passport. Lived in New Zealand, Suriname, Brasil and India. Has a Bachelor in Education and is TESOL Certified. Currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.

“As an English CONVERSATIONAL teacher my motto is: there is ALWAYS a SOLUTION! and I am happy to notch you up a level for you to speak more FLUENT and develop your ACCENT to reach your goals!” 


If I can do it...you can too!

“Breaking news: English is NOT my first language… it is the second one in a row of 4. In all the years that I have travelled and studied languages, I have found that there IS a fun and interactive way to excell in learning a new language! I believe that EVERYONE can become a proficient English speaker and I am here to help you every step of the way. Spoiler alert, it is not through textbooks. 

Don’t hesitate, try it out in a free lesson!”

What they say...

"I truly enjoy her lessons. We cover several topics-such as Korean politics and social affairs. Also, I can get lots of information and knowledge from her because she already had much experience living in other countries."
Engineer - South Korea
"I take classes with Becky because she always makes me feel relaxed, so that I can speak English without being nervous. Sometimes I feel that our lessons are like talking to an older sister because of her kindness and humor."
Uni Student - South Korea
"At first, I was afraid of speaking English with a foreigner but since meeting Becky, studying English has become exciting! She always gives great study material and lots of good information. Talking with Becky is relaxed. I really recommend her classes!"
Trader - South Korea
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