Testimonial of the Day

Every week I learn something new and it's nice to see my progress!

"I had been looking for an online English course for a while. I found Becky on Instagram and she immediately impressed (inspired) me.
I was a bit scared to speak in front of the group but  Becky immediately made me feel comfortable.
She is very sweet and kind and her lessons are very pleasant. Every week I learn something new and it's nice to see my improvement.""

Monica from Italy

Student Testimonials

It’s like we have known each other for a very long time!


“I found Becky’s English Course on Instagram, a friend sent me her page because she knew that I was interested in brushing up on my English.

The first time I wrote to Becky to have some information about the course, I was very impressed by her kindness and her helpfulness.

So, I decided to subscribe her course the same evening, and I found it very helpful to improve my English: we exercise our speaking, writing and listening skills.

Although at the beginning I was shy with the other part of the class, now I am much more confident and we speak about a lot of subjects: it’s like we know each other from a long time!

I recommend this course to everyone!”

Giulia Tassano from Italy

Becky helped me prepare for an important Business presentation!

"Last year I had the great opportunity to have Becky as an English teacher within the framework of “DIF” training. During this course, we prepared an important business presentation.

I would like to congratulate Rebecca for the fantastic job she did. I really enjoyed her lessons and they were very useful for me. Many thanks also for her kindness and beaming smile!"

David Poncet, Sanofi Pasteur 

Great Business English classes!

After one year of « Professional English » lessons and some progress I asked to myself if I wanted to continue in this way. To be true it was difficult to succeed in working all day long and to be on time at the evening class. I wasn’t really better than one year before in English but I wanted to try again. The really good surprise for this new school year was to have a really good teacher, always in a good mood and really motivated to make us progress. From this day on I did my best to be on time (difficult with my job) and follow all the lessons. Now I feel better at English and try to use what I’ve learned in my new job. I’m not living in the same place now but if it were the case you can be sure that I would continue to take lessons… but only with the same teacher!

Mathieu Surelle, Product manager Fiat FRANCE 

Une excellente prof ! Apprendre avec quelqu'un de dynamique et de bonne humeur : ça change tout !

Mme MARS a été une excellente prof ! Elle parle aussi bien français qu’anglais et son énergie couplée à une bonne humeur absolument contagieuse auront tôt fait de vous convaincre de son dynamisme. Personnellement, je pense que les cours avec un natif sont plus efficaces qu’avec un français pas simplement pour le niveau ou les habitudes de langages mais aussi pour apprendre la culture anglaise. J’avais déjà un bon niveau en anglais et avec elle j’ai encore progressé cette année. Je vais même aller étudier en Irlande ! Mon seul regret, c’est de ne pas avoir eu plus de cours avec elle.

Vincent Desbouit, Etudiant Master student - IFAG Business School 

Success in the FCE in a warm friendly atmosphere!

I asked Mrs Mars if she could help me prepare for the FCE, and I don't regret it at all! She has a good knowledge of the way examinations are presented and is able to give marks, which is really helpful for my preparation. Furthermore, lessons are given in a warm and friendly atmosphere, and since the teacher is patient and positive, we are not afraid of making mistakes and we are motivated to reach our goals! Last but not least she gave me the opportunity to work on past examination papers, which is absolutely necessary when preparing for the Cambridge examinations!

Marie-Hélène Cochet Licence Arts-Lettres-Langues, mention Langues, Littératures et Civilisations Etrangères, spécialité Japonais

Ma meilleure moyenne en anglais!

Mme Mars est la dernière prof d'anglais que j'ai eu en cours. J'ai suivi ses cours durant ma licence Pro "conception et management en éclairage" à Lyon 3, (2011-2012). Ayant eu pas mal de lacunes accumulées à cause de profs incompétents dès le collège, j'ai réussi au fil du temps à progresser. Mme Mars m'a beaucoup aidé pour cette année de licence, qui je pense restera l'année de ma meilleure moyenne d'anglais :). Les cours que propose Mme Mars sont attractifs et intéressants, on y voit aussi bien les bases que de nouvelles choses que je n'avais encore jamais vues (les phrasal verbs par exemple). Toujours de bonne humeur, elle reste assez proche de ses élèves en restant toujours disponible pour des questions, ce qui permet de meilleurs échanges et donc de meilleurs résultats. Je garde donc de bons souvenirs de cette matière d'anglais. Pour ma part il ne me reste plus qu'à continuer ma progression en anglais !!! See you soon :)

Thomas Mesnil - Etudiant Lyon 3

Becky helped me succeed in the First Certificate of English

What really mattered to me after making up my mind to prepare the FCE was to find a native English speaker with good knowledge of what the FCE consisted of.
I was lucky to come across Rebecca. In fact, I did not feel confident and comfortable with the language enough. Rebecca helped me to overcome my weaknesses by encouraging me in a very positive way that makes me progress at my own pace.
Not only is she highly skilled but she also is worth getting acquainted with for her human qualities. I like her way of teaching because she steps outside the educational framework and I never get bored!
Thanks to her, after a 3-month preparation, I passed my FCE easily and, her enthusiasm has made me want to learn more about English. Now,I am challenging myself with the CAE. This may be difficult to pick up my way through the maze of the English tricks, but I have a card up my sleeve: Rebecca!

Nathalie Lombard